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March 13, 2018

TONY KATZ: Rep. Andre Carson Put My Family In Danger: The only reason Rep. Carson made that statement to the Indy Star was to whip up his supporters.. “Over the past month, I have written about Carson’s connection to anti-Semite and bigot Louis Farrakhan. I have written about a report that he attended a dinner with Farrakhan and Iranian President and terrorist financier Hassan Rouhani. (Carson denies attending the dinner, and – again! – claimed that his attendance was written down in error.). In multiple interviews, Carson has refused to repudiate Farrakhan for his bigoted statements. Rather, Carson has pivoted to false equivalency, turing the conversation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Carson’s busted, and lashing out. He’s an antisemitic hater who associates with antisemitic haters.