December 8, 2008

AT HOMELAND SECURITY, ALL AMERICANS ARE EQUAL, BUT MICHAEL BOLTON IS MORE EQUAL: So I was flying home Saturday, on the plane with Michael Bolton and his band — he’d played at Cayman Jazzfest, which we skipped, but Doug Weinstein (a horn arranger of some ability) sat next to Bolton’s trumpeter on the plane and had a nice conversation, which was probably enhanced by the fact that she’s cute.

But when we were waiting in line for immigration, a fellow with a blue blazer and a badge came and took Bolton (who was wearing a black pullover that said “royalty” on the back) and two sidekicks (a personal assistant and a bodyguard, by appearances) out of the line and whisked them ahead of a lot of other patiently-waiting folks. This was repeated at the customs station. I’d be curious to know what policy permits such special treatment; it was poorly received by those waiting in line.

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