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February 14, 2018

THE HILL: Kurtz sees media forfeiting credibility in war with Trump.

Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz says in an interview with The Hill that the news business “is forfeiting some of its credibility by appearing so one-sided” regarding its coverage of President Trump.

“The media barely focus on Trump’s role in the economy, but are largely consumed by palace intrigue, hot-button issues, Russia, Twitter rants and his attacks on journalists — since we find ourselves endlessly fascinating,” said Kurtz, who recently released the book “Media Madness: Donald Trump, The Press and the War Over the Truth.”

“No matter what you think of this president’s policies and his style, 5 percent positive coverage is an appalling figure that should prompt some soul-searching.”

Pew Research found that only 5 percent of media coverage of Trump last year was “positive.” In contrast, former President Obama received more than eight times the positive coverage during his first year in office.

Kurtz said this shift is one reason he wrote his book.

“We’re not the ‘opposition party,’ as Steve Bannon says,” he said, referring to the former White House strategist, “but sometimes it sure looks that way.”

Why yes, it does.