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January 16, 2018

NOW THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY I WAS PROMISED: Skycorp planning to make space industries.

Today’s super-strength metal alloys including all jet turbines use at some stage of other development vacuum processes that would be cheaper to handle on the moon.

As chief executive of Skycorp, Wingo is currently bidding on a project to make satellites on the International Space Station. He sees even greater opportunities making vehicles using moon metals as materials in 3D printers.

Wingo imagines governments commissioning data centers on the moon linked with laser communications that keep data safe in the event of a nuclear war. He even foresees small space fabs for semiconductors.

Silicon-28 could be cost-effectively purified on the moon and used to make chips with 400-percent higher thermal conductivity than the silicon mixtures used on Earth.


The moon is largely made up of metal oxides that could yield new supplies of platinum — perhaps enough to drive prices for the precious metal down to $300 from $1,400 an ounce today.

Jewelers however might be able to charge a premium for “moon platinum” pieces.