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January 13, 2018

TO BE FAIR, SHE’S MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN SGT. SCHULTZ: ‘I had no idea’: Katie Couric breaks her silence over Matt Lauer sexual assault claims a month after he was fired by Today and insists her 2012 comment that he ‘pinched her a** a lot’ was ‘just a joke.’

Andrew Lack, the network’s chairman, has insisted he was unaware of any alleged misconduct.

Both he and Couric were present alongside Jeff Zucker at a 2008 roast of Lauer where the jokes were obscene in their sexual graphicness.

There were repeated references to a sexual relationship between Couric and Lauer at the roast.

When it was her turn to speak, Couric made an explicit joke about Lauer performing oral sex on his ousted co-host Ann Curry.

The event was described by attendees as ‘three hours of d*** jokes’. It was so rude Joe Scarborough, the MSNBC host of Morning Joe, said he walked out early because he could not stand to hear more about Lauer ‘pushing himself on people’ and ‘having sex with employees’.

Lauer himself joked at it that he had had sex with Couric.

All of the Today staff who have spoken out since Lauer’s firing are unanimous in their shock over the claims of predatoriness.

And apparently their knowledge of Lauer’s button on his desk to lock the door of his office.

Having faked news at least once before, why should she believed now?

Elsewhere in NBC’s news division, “Chris Matthews joked about putting a ‘Bill Cosby pill’ in Hillary’s water.”