January 11, 2018

WELL, THAT’S NECESSARY TO REFLECT THE SOUL OF ITS NAMESAKE: So, the Obama Presidential Library Is Really Ugly. “A discarded Chinese take-out box. The backside of a Star Wars sand crawler. The Washington Monument with the interesting bits lopped off. That’s what sprung to mind when confronted with the initial design of the Obama Presidential Center, Jon Gabriel writes at Ricochet.

Elsewhere, the Chicago Tribune asks, “Without archives on site, how will Obama Center benefit area students, scholars?”

Jon answers that question as well; he notes that “the Obamas are going to use it as a community organizing bootcamp to teach new generations how to make hyperviolent Chicago an even less comfortable place to live and work.”

To paraphrase Gabriel’s defining tweet of Obama’s two terms, my favorite part about the Obama presidential library will be all the racial healing.

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