December 25, 2017

DON SURBER: Trump Is Checking Off Hugh Hewitt’s List.

So I was getting dressed this morning and pulled out the next T shirt off the pile. It is a Hugh Hewitt shirt from 15 or so years ago.
On the back, it listed the five things he was calling for Bush to do, as a Conservative president. Things he never did.

Win the war.
Confirm the judges.
Cut the taxes.
Control the spending.
Secure the border.

Well, looks like Trump hit 4 out of 5 in his first year.
Maybe spending next year?
Home run!

We can hope. At any rate, Trump is turning out to be considerably more conservative in office than he ever was as a public figure. And while he’s no libertarian, with his judicial appointments and deregulation, he’s more libertarian than any recent GOP president or nominee.

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