December 17, 2017


Why seductive? Because the white supremacists’ views on economic issues sound a lot like, well, like views espoused by the Nation and Democratic party progressives. In what could pass for Bernie Sanders campaign literature, she quotes Spencer saying “I support national health care” and railing against “the trillions spent in insane wars.” Minkowitz also quotes Spencer blasting the GOP tax plan as “stupid .  .  . Reaganite nostalgia” and supporting a universal basic income. Another speaker decried that everything is seemingly becoming “corporatized and capitalized.” Wait—is this a white supremacist conference or a New York Times editorial board meeting?

She quotes another speaker exclaiming that “2018 is going to be the year of leftists joining the white-nationalist movement!” . . .

While clearly bashing their abhorrent views on race, Minkowitz also seems sympathetic to the new white supremacist focus on income inequality: “The main reason they talked about it is because it’s there. Even middle- and upper-middle-class white folks face rising rents, falling wages, and increasingly inadequate and shoddy health insurance. Even they are dealing with ever rising work hours and the consuming need to increase income to fill the gaps.”

All this leaves The Scrapbook wondering: With white supremacists developing a left-wing political agenda, why have Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi been so slow to disavow them?

Well, Dianne Feinstein certainly isn’t siding with the working class:

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