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December 18, 2017

ALL WITHIN THE STATE, NOTHING OUTSIDE THE STATE, NOTHING AGAINST THE STATE: Venezuela Will Force Bitcoin Miners to Register With the Government.

No one will be surprised to hear the Venezuelan government isn’t too keen on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can’t be regulated or controlled by the government in any official capacity, they could damage the country’s brittle economy even further. As a result, the government has imposed new rules for anyone mining cryptocurrency.

To be more specific, all miners will now be taxed and required to register with the government. Being taxed is not entirely illogical, but the registration requirement is pretty worrisome, to say the least. The government shouldn’t need to know who is doing what in regards to crypto trading and mining. Nevertheless, authorities want to know who is mining, where they are located, and what type of equipment they use.

That’ll put food back on the shelves.