December 1, 2017

ED DRISCOLL COVERED MARK HEMINGWAY’S VITAL “Why Liberals Have Such A Hard Time With ‘Monstrous Men’ And Their Art” essay last night, but this bit still sticks out:

Frankly acknowledging this might suggest that the liberals have endorsed ideas — e.g. oxymoronic notions of “sexual liberation” — that have been deeply harmful to women, all for the sake of knocking down obstacles to political power. I wonder how much betrayal [Woody] Allen must feel now. He did his part to push a liberal sexual and political agenda, was celebrated for it, and now he’s being drummed out of polite society for enjoying the fruits of these efforts?

I’d just add that perhaps the saddest part about Woody Allen et al. is that they never understood they’d become disposable once they were no longer useful to the cause.

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