November 26, 2017

THE PLASTIC TURKEY BAND ARE OFF ON ANOTHER WORLD TOUR: April Ryan, Leftists Beclown Themselves Over Sarah Sanders’ Thanksgiving Pecan Pie.

April Ryan, an inexplicably esteemed member of the White House press corps, having tried and failed to promote a “fake news” controversy over White House’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ Thanksgiving pecan pie, has not apologized or acknowledged her error, has rejected Sanders’ face-saving attempt to smooth things over, and is apparently worried that Sanders will publicly poison her and her fellow journalists. You can’t make this stuff up.

Ryan’s history, as documented at NewsBusters, is full of embarrassing statements, unhinged rants, and stunning ignorance of very basic facts.

Not least of which, the CNN “political analyst” tweeting in July that a Trump official first coined the word “stagflation.”

Credentialed-but-not-educated – and the worst political class in American history, as Glenn likes to say, who have no idea how easily they’re being trolled by the administration over their past fake news and anti-GOP hyperbole.

(Classical reference in headline.)

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