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November 15, 2017

SO HE’S BASICALLY AS BAD AS GEORGE H.W. BUSH HERE: New accuser claims she was groped by Roy Moore during legal meeting in 1991. Well, I wouldn’t vote for George H.W. Bush for Senator, so. . . .

Quick, call out the Groper’s Support Group!

UPDATE: So on the one hand I feel like I’m not taking this seriously enough, but on the other hand I find it impossible to take seriously. Based on what we know so far, what percentile of awfulness in the Senate would Roy Moore be? Would he be 99th Percentile — making him the worst person in the Senate? Seems doubtful given that there’s a secret slush fund paying victims of Congressional harassment already. He can’t compare to such past lions as Ted Kennedy or Robert Packwood, and it seems likely that there are other, current ones that we just haven’t hear about. So say he’s at the 90th percentile. That means there are 10 sitting Senators worse than him. How exercised should I be about the prospect of him joining them? And maybe he’s only, say, 75th percentile!

Jonathan Adler makes a persuasive case that Moore is a constitutional illiterate, but it’s not like that would set Moore apart much in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.

The truth is, the Senate is just awful — and the House is no better — because it’s full of politicians. The real travesty here isn’t that we might send another clown to join the clown show. It’s that the clown show has so much power, and so little accountability, when it’s doing things that are a lot more serious than groping.

And no, this isn’t good, it’s terrible. It’s more evidence of our decline. And I feel bad for having to point it out, again.