November 15, 2017

JOHN PODHORETZ: If Roy Moore Squeaks By, It Will Be Because Of Democrats.

Yet Goldberg cannot keep herself from seeing a truth that was evident during the Clinton presidency to anyone with eyes to see: Bill Clinton was a sexual reprobate whose ascension to the Democratic nomination after the revelation of his relationship with Flowers during the primaries was a hinge moment in American history.

No one before him would’ve survived it. He did by denying it hotly — and was saved from perdition’s flames by his Hillary. She sat there on “60 Minutes” and supported him even as she said she wasn’t the type of woman who’d just “stand by her man.” Later, Clinton acknowledged the five-year Flowers affair in testimony before an independent counsel.

n 1998, when the news of his liaison with Lewinsky became public, the Clintons did it again. Bill said he did not have sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky, and Hillary went on the “Today Show” and said her husband had unjustly been placed in the target sights of a “right wing conspiracy.”

If you want to know how Roy Moore of Alabama might survive these charges against him and win the Senate race in December, look no farther than Hillary Clinton’s words. Again, replace “right wing” with “left wing” (or “GOP establishment”) and you have the entirety of Moore’s defense.

The Clinton play in the wake of the Lewinsky revelation was to signal to their supporters and the entire Democratic liberal-left that any crack in their defense of him would allow a Puritanical right-wing flood to engulf the country.

And anyway, even if you believed he’d done it, what had he done? It was a peccadillo, really nothing more than the sainted JFK had done in his tragically shortened time in the Oval.

Moore is saying exactly the same thing to conservatives.


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