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November 14, 2017

THE ABA BECAME AN ARM OF THE DNC SO GRADUALLY THAT . . . OH, HELL, ACTUALLY EVERYBODY NOTICED: The ABA Jumps the Shark: Why did the group ask where a judicial nominee’s children went to school? “Looks as if the American Bar Association picked the wrong judicial nominee to play politics with. If Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are smart, they will use the ABA’s appearance at a hearing Wednesday to call the group out. . . . ‘The ABA is running a smear campaign based on the idea that Steve is a kale-hating, puppy-kicking monster,’ says a fellow Nebraskan, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse. ‘But no one in Nebraska on either side of the aisle recognizes that man.'” That seems unwise. I think the kale-hating constituency alone is enough to put him over the top.

Plus: “The best revenge, of course, is getting this man confirmed notwithstanding his ABA rating. But the day after the attacks on Mr. Grasz at his hearing, Mr. Sasse delivered an impassioned speech on the Senate floor, raising an even larger question: Since when did the Senate accept the idea that its members should outsource to a third party their constitutional responsibility to evaluate the fitness of the president’s nominees to the federal bench?” The ABA doesn’t even represent the interests of most lawyers, much less the interests of America.