October 27, 2017

ATTENTION ALL TRUMP VOTERS, IMMEDIATELY EXIT HOLLYWOOD STAGE RIGHT: “This ploy keeping Hollywood a liberal bastion is subtle, but extraordinarily effective – smoke out right-wingers and their sympathizers, spread the word of their apostasy, freeze them out, repeat. This process is seen in every crevice of Tinseltown, and it quietly teaches a lesson to all watching… The Deep Hollywood enforcers are everywhere, at every level…ejecting the deplorables while fortifying the liberal wall. It’s a process they’ve been employing and perfecting since the 1930s, with undeniable results.”

The second part of Patrick Courrielche’s “Tinseltown Travelogue – a deplorable’s adventures in la la land” is now online. If you read Roger Simon’s Blacklisting Myself, definitely read the whole thing for another insider’s look at how Hollywood has moved further and further left since the end of WWII.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): You know the difference between a Republican and a pedophile? Hollywood will work with a pedophile.

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