October 27, 2017

GOOD QUESTION: Why don’t more women come forward when they experience sexual harassment and even assault in the workplace?

Ed Morrissey:

Women have a tough time figuring out who their friends will be if and when they blow the whistle. The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove reported earlier today that Ronan Farrow got a lot of attention from attorney Lisa Bloom when he began digging into Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults and harassment. At first, Bloom tried diverting his efforts into an esoteric look at non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), but changed tactics when Farrow resisted. Instead, Bloom — who claims to be a feminist activist — allegedly warned that she had dirt on actress Rose McGowan, one of Farrow’s sources, specifically about her sexual history.

For the record, Bloom denies this, telling the Daily Mail (via Stephen Green), “Attorneys must maintain confidentiality even when awful, untrue things are said about us.”

If it’s true, it’s despicable. Bloom didn’t disclose her connections with Weinstein to Farrow until later in their interactions, according to Grove, but Farrow had already suspected it. Bloom had represented Weinstein, and also had a development deal in place for a limited-run series based on the Trayvon Martin case. Her representation of Weinstein was not a recent development, either. Grove’s sources tell him that Bloom, the daughter of feminist legal activist Gloria Allred, had been on Weinstein’s team since last year, and had helped bury a New York magazine piece on the Hollywood mogul.

When Farrow confided in Bloom about the direction of the story, the high-pressure onslaught began.

Men on many college campuses are presumed guilty of rape by those in power. Women in many entertainment workplaces are presumed to be sexual playthings by those in power. Both industries are dominated by the Professional Left, who also presume to lecture the rest of us about lawlessness.

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