October 17, 2017

ANN ALTHOUSE ON #METOO: “That sounds like she accepted a date and wanted a relationship (and even liked that the guy was an adulterer). Let’s not mush everything together! This #MeToo stuff could get really stupid. At least she announces I am a fucking fool. I know, she means back then. But she’s using the present tense. . . . Joan Walsh, who is 59 years old, is still selling herself as a naive, innocent girl. She was going out with some other woman’s husband, as far as I can tell. Look, we’re in an important moment, when women can come together and support other women. Don’t mess it up with bullshit like this.”

But they can’t help it, because the herd instinct means no one wants to be left out, even when their only real complaint is that they couldn’t get the boyfriend to leave his wife. Because Me too!

From the comments: “Jump on the wagon and signal virtuous victimhood!”

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