October 11, 2017

THAT’S DIFFERENT BECAUSE THEY SHUT THEMSELVES UP: Some of Trump’s biggest Hollywood critics remain silent about Harvey Weinstein.

Many in the Hollywood elite — arguably Trump’s most vocal foes — point to the president’s offensive past regarding women, including the infamous recording from his 2005 Access Hollywood appearance, as proof of his misogynistic tendencies and sexual predation. To be sure, Trump does not have anywhere approaching a good record on this front. Like others, I was (and still am) bothered by what we’ve learned about the president’s treatment of women.

However, some of the same individuals who have long railed against Trump’s behavior have not only been silent since the NYT article on Weinstein was published, but have been silent about his well-known behavior for years. Matt Damon, who according to the Times tried to tamp down an earlier report (which Damon denies), remains silent. Rose McGowan, who has appeared to indicated that she was assaulted by Weinstein, tweets “Ladies of Hollywood, your silence is deafening.” In fact, despite the few who have spoken out against Weinstein, most of Hollywood is staying mum.

This severely damages any shred of credibility they have when it comes to discussing Trump’s past indiscretions.

Indeed. Talk of Trump’s various indiscretions never amounted to much. But with Weinstein, once the dam cracked there came a deluge of accusations and allegations — so many and so serious that on Saturday his own lead counsel dropped him even before his own company could fire him.

And this seems apt:

There really is no end to the entertainment industry’s hypocrisy — nor to its power and desire to exploit.

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