September 29, 2017

SOCIAL JUSTICE MEDIA: Twitter Says It Found 201 Accounts Linked to Possible Russian Election Interference.

The company also told congressional investigators that the Russian-backed news site RT spent $274,100 on ads on Twitter last year. A U.S. intelligence report said RT sought to meddle in the U.S. election.

The revelations, coming weeks after Facebook Inc. first disclosed Russian actors paid for divisive political ads on its platform, further inflame tensions that Russians sought to manipulate public opinion in the U.S. through social media. Russia has denied interfering in the election.

Twitter’s announcement drew a swift rebuke from some congressional leaders including Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat and the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian activities during the election. Mr. Warner called the meeting with Twitter “deeply disappointing” and said the company hadn’t done enough to examine the extent of Russian activity on its platform.

The blue-on-blue action is always fun, but a quarter-million dollar ad buy in a billion-dollar race barely adds up to a pittance. And anyway, the Russians were wise to be so cheap because: A) political ads don’t work, and; B) the Kremlin’s goal wasn’t to pick a winner but rather to sow dissension.

And on that last score, Democrats are proving themselves the Kremlin’s more-than-useful idiots.

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