September 26, 2017

IT’S ABOUT TRUMPISM, NOT TRUMP: Roy Moore wins in Alabama. “What this humiliating loss tells President Trump is that Trumpism is not even about him. The indisputable lesson here for the president is that even he, the man who started the movement, is not bigger than the promises, ideas, agenda, and platform he ran on.” He’s a vehicle, he’s not the engine.

Plus: “In a different world, in a world where, for the last eight months, while in complete charge of the federal government, the Republican Party actually delivered on its promises; in a fantasyland where the GOP did not expose itself as a gang of feckless cowards unwilling to keep even the Obamacare repeal promise that defined the party’s existence for seven years, maybe Trump could have gotten away with supporting a Luther Strange. But that is not the world we live in.”

Instead we get Roy Moore. Which is a lesson for Trump, if he takes it, but also a lesson to the rest of us.

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