September 26, 2017

LATE-STAGE SOCIALISM: Venezuelan families scavenge for food to survive hunger.

Many families are now forced to scavenge for food in what was once South America’s richest country.

At a soup kitchen run by the Catholic Church in Caracas, there are rarely any leftovers. It only serves 100 children every day, so the kitchen, which runs on donations, is forced to turn people away.

“Every day, more children come. Our crisis is such that, as they say, shame has been forgotten,” Judith Arcia, a cook at the soup kitchen told Al Jazeera.

“People would rather beg for a plate of food for their children, than watch them go hungry.”

Arcia said many of the children are given a special formula after arriving, when they are found to be severely malnourished.

The parents – who are not entitled to a meal – are not so lucky.

“Sometimes my wife and I do without food so at least the children can eat twice a day,” a parent told Al Jazeera.

Chavez and Maduro love poor people so much that they made millions more of them.

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