September 13, 2017

INCUMBENT CHARLOTTE MAYOR SUFFERS PRIMARY DEFEAT: “Roberts faced the headwinds of controversial decisions a year ago in the violent and volatile aftermath of the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old black man. The officer who shot Scott was not charged or disciplined in what police and the district attorney later determined was a lawful response to the situation. One person died during protests uptown that lasted for a couple of weeks after Scott’s death. Protesters shattered windows in uptown hotels and office buildings and looted the Charlotte Hornets’ arena team store while confronting police in riot gear. . . . Some Democrats were also frustrated by Roberts’ defiant backing of an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance that later led to the passage of House Bill 2 in the state legislature. HB2 put North Carolina and Charlotte in the national news for a year and created boycotts as the state was described as discriminatory and backward by a broad alliance of critics who considered the law unfair toward LGBT residents and visitors.”