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August 16, 2017

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: New Centene CEO is another example Obamacare’s architects getting rich off Obamacare.

Sarah Kliff’s take is a ludicrously generous assessment. The reporter is referring to the recent decision by former healthcare.gov CEO, Kevin Counihan, to join a health insurance company, Centene. Unlike many other insurers who have withdrawn from the exchanges, Centene is finding success in Obama’s wonderland. Amusingly, Kliff suggests Counihan for moral rather than monetary reasons.

I think her assessment is a stretch.

As the former head of the federal health exchange, Counihan is well placed to guide Centene towards new profits. And it’s clear where those profits wait. As I’ve explained, Centene’s business model is utterly dependent on the Obama administration’s massive expansion of Medicaid. Indeed, with 3.5 million of Centene’s customers on Medicaid, the government trough is Centene’s heart, aorta, and lifeblood.

Counihan will be able to grease Centene’s wheels by engaging with his healthcare.gov contacts to help his new employer anticipate regulatory changes and subsidies. In return, Counihan is likely to collect a healthy paycheck.

Yet another argument for my revolving-door surtax.