August 13, 2017

ACTUAL NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINE: Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism.

Accompanied by a black and white propaganda photo of a smiling young woman “working at a collective farm near Moscow in 1955,” just to immediately reinforce that they’re talking about that kind of socialism, and not say, England or Sweden in the 1970s. And note that this story is running on the same weekend that idiots carrying the red flag of international socialism rumbled with idiots carrying the red flag of national socialism in Charlottesville.

Since this is the centennial of the founding of the Soviet Union, the Gray Lady is going all-in to celebrate communism; this past week, they ran a piece on “What Lenin’s love of camping and hiking did for nature conservation in Russia.” Cam Edwards of the NRA tweeted in response, “Find someone who loves you the way the New York Times loves Soviet Communism.” The Times doubles down and says, no you can’t get that kind of sweet, sweet lovin’, now that the Iron Curtain no more, baby.

But of course, as Iowahawk tweets today, the joke is on the Times: All that superior sex you imagined back in the USSR “doesn’t count honey, it wasn’t real socialism.”

(Somewhere, the ghost of Walter Duranty is probably muttering, “Geez, dial it back a bit, fellas – you’re not going to fool them with this level of fake news.”)

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