August 12, 2017

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Applicants Plunged 52%, And Acceptance Rates Increased 20%, At Non-T14 Law Schools From 2008 To 2016. Here at Tennessee, we’ve managed to increase our class size while holding numbers steady, but that seems to be counter to the general trend.

Plus, from the comments: “Depending on where we look in the T14, the drop in applicants has had a more pronounced effect. At Georgetown, for instance, the 25th / median 75th percentile LSAT splits have gone from 168 / 170 / 172 for matriculants in 2010 to a 162 / 167 / 168 this past fall. In other words the 25th percentile LSAT score at Georgetown six years ago is equal to the 75th percentile LSAT score there last year.”