August 7, 2017

ROBERT TRACINSKI: Lena Dunham Epitomizes Our Self-Enforcing Police State: Lena Dunham turning informant on politically incorrect airline employees shows how the Left is training us to internalize the ethos of the police state.

What took this from being merely bullying and repressive to being creepy and totalitarian in style is that Dunham didn’t just make a general complaint. She then posted what looks like direct messages or text message between her and the American Airlines account, in which she enthusiastically provides detailed information about exactly where the conversation took place.

Scratch a lefty, and a Stasi informant bleeds. But if you make this sort of behavior even moderately unpleasant for them, they will stop. Wannabe block captains should be mocked, shamed, and shunned. And, of course, called out for the awful people they are.

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