August 1, 2017

DISPATCHES FROM THE INTERSECTION OF THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE AND THE NEWSPEAK DICTIONARY: Oregon district to drop ‘Lynch’ from school names due to ‘racial implications:’

According to The Oregonian, the schools were named for the family which originally had donated land for the schools over a century ago, but Superintendent Paul Coakley says “many newer families coming into the district associate the name with America’s violent racial history.”

“There were an increasing amount of questions and some complaints from families of color around the name,” Coakley said. Although “there is no connection between the Lynch family and the practice associated with the term,” he said the name has still “been a disruption for some students.”

“Disruption?” Huh – Superintendent Coakley spelled “opportunity for students to learn about the past and put away false assumptions” incorrectly.

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