June 16, 2017

WELL, I WASN’T ON THE JURY BUT THIS SEEMS LIKE A BAD VERDICT TO ME: Philando Castile shooting: Officer Yanez acquitted of manslaughter, dismissed from police force. I still don’t see any good reason for shooting Castile, much less for firing his gun into a car containing a woman and her child. For that he was also charged, but acquitted.

“Yanez, who is Latino, ‘did what he had to do’ when he shot Castile, a defense attorney argued during the trial. Yanez testified that he feared for his life after Castile refused to not pull out his gun, despite the officer’s commands. Prosecutors argued that Yanez never saw the gun, and that he overreacted to a non-threat. The trial included squad-car video of the traffic stop between the two, but footage did not show what happened in Castile’s car, leaving it up to the jury to believe Yanez’s testimony.”

“Refused to not pull out his gun” is, I think, incorrect. Castile never pulled a gun; according to his girlfriend he was pulling out his ID as ordered.

Of course, the fact that Yanez is a Latino means this doesn’t fit the standard racial narrative, but I doubt that will matter.