June 7, 2017

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Media Memory Holes Bill Maher’s GOP Hate.

When the “Real Time” host trashed the Palin family in 2011 no one batted an eye. Variety didn’t call for his ouster. Yet the pure hate of his comments, targeting not just Sarah Palin but her children (including a special needs child) was off the proverbial charts.

And when I point out that Sarah Palin is a vainglorious braggart, a liar, a whiner, a professional victim, a scold, a know-it-all, a chiseler, a bully who sells patriotism like a pimp, and the leader of a strange family of inbred weirdos straight out of “The Hills Have Eyes,” that’s not sexist. I’m saying it because it’s true, not because it’s true of a woman.

The comments appeared planned, too, unlike his exchange with Sasse.

The comedian also called Sarah Palin a dumb tw** and the C-word in separate exchanges.

More recently, the comic trashed President Donald Trump last month in a way that made Stephen Colbert’s “cock holster” crack seemed quaint.

He suggested the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, needs to manually stimulate him to change his mind on certain policies.

No outrage from HBO. No collective calls from the media to fire him.

Nor did anyone in the mainstream media yelp when Maher accused a war widow of letting herself be President Trump’s “prop.”

When they demand, “Have you no decency, sir?” it’s all projection.

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