June 4, 2017

PALLYWOOD COMES TO LONDON: Did CNN stage this Muslim protest against terror in London? Watch.

(Classical reference in headline.)

UPDATE: “I don’t know if this is ‘staging,’ but it does seem like coordination between CNN and the ‘protesters,’ rather than pictures of a spontaneous protest,” Ace of Spades writes. “It seems like a show put on only to be photographed by CNN, with CNN providing cinematography expertise — maybe not ‘staged,’ per se, but it sure looks stage-managed. Would CNN help protesters of any right-wing cause set up their shot for maximum viewer impact?”

Nahh — they prefer to heckle and insult right-wing causes.

MORE: At Power Line, John Hinderaker adds, “Once CNN was done shooting, the ‘protesters’ dispersed. The Associated Press shares CNN’s agenda, so it was happy to piggy-back on CNN’s astroturf with this tweet, showing the same photo-op, but cropped to make it look less forlorn. This is a good example of fake news of an unusually important kind. One of the great issues of our time is whether ‘normal’ Muslims are willing to take decisive action against Islamic terrorism. The evidence so far is not encouraging; if it were, CNN and the AP wouldn’t need to stage photo-ops.”