May 19, 2017

SEEMS LIKE IT WOULD OFFER INSUFFICIENT OPPORTUNITY FOR GRAFT: Could the military buy its guns online in the future?

The Defense Department may start doing a whole lot more online shopping in 2018, if Republican Rep. Mac Thornberry has his way.

The Texas chairman of the Armed Services Committee unveiled new legislation Thursday that aims to cut costly bureaucratic red tape at the Pentagon by allowing the military to buy everything from pens to treadmills from business-to-business sites such as Staples and Amazon.

That would free the federal government’s biggest bureaucracy from using its current “expensive” and “onerous” contracting and scheduling process to buy its commercial goods, according to Thornberry.

But could it also work for firearms?

“I may get myself in trouble here,” said Thornberry, easing into the topic during a press conference Thursday.

Military handguns are a prime — and somewhat notorious — example of the delays and waste of acquisition that the Republican chairman has been working to root out for the past two years, according to a panel of experts who testified to Armed Services earlier this week.

Well, they should at least buy their ammo from my former students at