May 5, 2017


Here’s the part Guy was talking about:

The media template for covering the 115th Congress apparently goes like this: When Republicans fail to pass a bill, they’re doomed. But when they succeed, they’re also doomed. Thus the same media sages who said the House could never repeal ObamaCare are now saying that the replacement the House passed Thursday can’t pass the Senate.

It wouldn’t be so bothersome — the press is supposed to be hostile to politicians, or at least highly suspect of them — if the skepticism was directed at both parties.

However, ObamaCare’s rocky passage was presented as “historic victory” for Democrats generally, and even more uncritically as a huge win for Barack Obama specifically. And long before Politifact finally conceded that ObamaCare’s sales pitch was the “Lie of the Year,” they originally gave that “award” to the GOP for opposing it.

The AHCA, whatever its virtues or flaws, has received and will receive no such treatment — which is as it should be. But there might not be such an expensive wreck of an “affordability” act to try and fix today had the press applied the same critical eye to ObamaCare and its proponents in 2009-10.

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