May 3, 2017

“SHUT UP,” SHE EXPLAINED. Wasserman Schultz: Public should mind your own business on Obama $400K speaking fee.

“Of all people to question … their commitment to getting money out of politics, to really making sure we restored integrity to political finance process, President Obama couldn’t have done more,” Wasserman Schultz told CNN host Erin Burnett on Tuesday evening.

Wasserman Schultz, who was ousted as Democratic National Committee chairwoman last summer for colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, said Obama has a history of fighting “against the big banks,” despite his decision to now accept a large sum of money to address the Wall Street group.

“Look, it is none of anyone’s business what someone who is a member of the private sector decides to accept in terms of compensation,” Wasserman Schultz added. “With all due respect to anyone who chooses to comment publicly on what Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or anyone earns as a member of the private sector, it’s just MYOB.”

To translate into ObamaSpeak, “If you like your opinion, you can keep it to yourself. Period.”