April 21, 2017

THOMAS LIFSON: UC Berkeley surrenders to the fascists.

There are plenty of law enforcement resources available to the University of California if it wished to preserve the tradition of open inquiry upon which the many public (i.e., taxpayer) subsidies and privileges available to UC are premised. When Governor Ronald Reagan faced a campus insurrection at Berkeley, he called in the National Guard and tear gassed the protesters in Sproul Plaza – the very place the anti-Milo rioters used to destroy property and threaten lives.

For its part, the city of Berkeley Police Department has been only marginally better. At least it made some arrests over last weekend’s violence when pro-Trump demonstrators were attacked. But it has permitted armed, masked thugs, openly promising to shut down voices of which they disapprove, to march through the streets pf Berkeley and engage in mayhem. They should be arrested at the city line when they do so.

Except today the police are in on the fun, and any arrests would probably only be symbolic.