April 20, 2017

THE WAGES OF ANTI-MALE BIGOTRY: Dad and Daughter Hauled Off Plane Because Passenger Assumed He Was Sex Trafficking Her. “Long story short: A dad returning from Mexico with his 3-year-old daughter was briefly detained on suspicion that he was engaged in sex trafficking. (And not to pile on, but it was a United flight.) Despite papa having her passport, his passport, and a notarized letter from the mom saying that she gave them her permission to travel, the authorities felt compelled to act upon a ‘tip’—a tip that was nothing more than a passenger’s hysteria-fueled hunch that 3-year-olds are being trafficked right and left in the USA.”

Officious intermeddling. Sue. Plus: “‘The saddest thing is that we finally reached the point where fathers are as connected to their children as mothers are. There are even diaper changing tables in some men’s restrooms!’ Just watch out for all the onlookers who assume they are living in an action movie, constantly witnessing nefarious crimes being played out in public right in front of them.”