April 19, 2017

THE TRAIN HAS REACHED ITS FINAL DESTINATION: Turkey Opposition Party Seeks to Annul Referendum Vote.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the chairman of the opposition Republican People’s Party, or CHP for its Turkish initials, said the decision by the Supreme Election Board, a governmental body composed of senior judges, cast a shadow over the entire voting process and made a sham of its impartiality.

“I don’t have any trust” in Turkey’s judiciary or the YSK, said Mr. Kilicdaroglu, using the board’s Turkish initials, in an interview at his parliamentary office. “They see themselves as representatives of the [presidency] and not representatives of the judiciary.”

President Erdogan and his supporters have hailed the unofficial results announced late Sunday as a win that expressed the will of the people. In the referendum, voters were asked to approve a constitutional amendment to centralize governing powers in the president’s office and radically alter Turkey’s democracy.

CHP’s application for annulment of the vote cited a number of irregularities during both the voting and counting processes for the April 16 referendum. But its focus was centrally on the YSK decision concerning the ballots without a seal.

Good luck trying to get an honest score. Erdogan owns the bat, the ball, everybody’s gloves, the umps, and now the entire stadium.