March 22, 2017

SO YOU CAN HEAR ME ON THE BUCK SEXTON SHOW LAST NIGHT, talking about my USA Today column on expertise and the lack thereof among our ruling class. (My part starts at about 1:39 on the timeline). On the advice of my brother, who’s become a total microphone geek, I upgraded my setup from the Blue Yeti and now I have an ElectroVoice RE-20 (left over from the old Glenn & Helen Show days), going through an inexpensive ART tube preamp/compressor and then a FocusRite Scarlett USB converter. The producer and tech on Buck’s show said it sounded like I was in the studio with them, which was the goal. Downside: You can hear my sinus infection. Should’ve taken a shot of Afrin. . .

I may add a Cloudlifter to the chain, as the RE-20 puts out kind of low, but it sounds okay and I haven’t had time to experiment. And don’t feel sad for the Blue Yeti — I took it to my office, so I can use it for Skype calls and interviews there. And it looks cool sitting on my desk.

UPDATE: Sorry, had the link for the Buck Sexton interview wrong. Fixed now! (Bumped).

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