March 15, 2017

IF IT WEREN’T FOR DOUBLE STANDARDS… WaPo Preps for Storm and Bashes Trump for Doing the Same.

The Post hypocritically bashed Trump for taking this winter storm Stella seriously just hours after the newspaper hyped the storm itself, according to tweets captured by Cameron Gray, a writer for NRA News, on March 14.

A Post Twitter account dedicated to D.C. news mocked Trump for inviting “D.C. mayor to Oval Office for storm that brought 2 inches of snow.”

Less than 24 hours before, however, The Washington Post’s main twitter account asked “Are you prepping for the Northeast Blizzard?,” and advised “here are the things you you really do need in your winter emergency kit,” and reported “more than 4,000 flights” had been canceled due to the impending storm.

It’s different when they do it.

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