February 13, 2017

ANDREW SULLIVAN: TRUMP MIGHT BE ‘MENTALLY UNSTABLE:’ “Sullivan was the leading figure in a conspiracy theory about Sarah Palin. That view, known as Trig trutherism, maintained that Palin was such a despicable character that she even lied about giving birth to her own child. Sullivan always claimed he was just asking reasonable questions about the birth, but the real world result was to turn a woman’s special needs child into a political weapon against her. Granted he hasn’t dragged Trump’s children into it (so far), but the attempt to fundamentally dehumanize a politician by claiming they are acting beyond the edge of normal behavior is similar. This is an attempt to kick off a new strain of Trump trutherism and CNN is complicit in giving this garbage air time.”

To be fair, not every Republican can be as conservative as John Kerry and Barack Obama. And note this: “A bit later [Sullivan] switches to another analogy involving living under an autocratic government.”

You mean like in 2007, when eschewing the by-then de rigueur Bush=Hitler analogies by his fellow leftists, Sullivan equated George W. Bush to Paul von Hindenburg?

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