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February 4, 2017

WAIT, I THOUGHT TRUMP WAS IN PUTIN’S POCKET: Huh: Nikki Haley uses her first statement at the UN to blast … Russia. “Haley didn’t freelance this. The White House knew it was coming.”

Plus: “So what’s Trump’s angle here? Putin suggested yesterday that Ukrainians had picked this latest fight with Russia deliberately, to see how Trump would react, but of course the same might be true of Putin himself. If the U.S. had shrugged off the skirmishing in Ukraine as none of its business, that would be the green light to Moscow to consider more aggressive expansionism. Having Haley throw a brushback pitch here is a way of warning them not to get too frisky, at least not yet. And it’s also basic good negotiation strategy: If Trump’s dead set on rapprochement, it’d be silly for him to show conciliation towards Russia immediately. Draw a line and then see what you can get to make it worth your while come off that line.” The art of the deal.