January 9, 2017

PIERS MORGAN: Sorry, Meryl but that hypocritical anti-Trump rant was easily the worst performance of your career (apart from that time you gave a child rapist a standing ovation).

Related: Kellyanne Conway: ‘I didn’t hear Meryl Streep give a shout out to the mentally challenged boy tortured on Facebook.’ My goodness, she really puts the knife in here. Watch the video at the link: This is not your father’s GOP.

UPDATE: From the comments: “When you’re so stupidly pompous that Piers Morgan calls you on it… well, there’s your lifetime achievement award right there.”

Plus several people saying that the lefty hysteria over Trump is bringing them around to being pro-Trump. Yes, Hollywood will help cement the Trump 2020 coalition. . . .



ANOTHER UPDATE: You know, I think people are beginning to question Hollywood’s authority. UFC’s Dana White fires back at ‘uppity 80-year-old’ Meryl Streep after MMA, NFL dig.

MORE: From the comments:


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