January 9, 2017

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Of Class And Classes: If you want to help poor kids get ahead, then you need to support school choice. “The long knives have come out for Education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. But her critics aren’t attacking her because they think she’ll do a bad job. They’re attacking her because they’re afraid she’ll do a good job. But I think that her success will be important, if you care about addressing inequality in America.”

UPDATE: BTW, I notice that this passage should be in quotation marks: “You are made invalid, and so are your views, if you cannot speak as we speak. Eat as we eat. Dress as we dress. Properly pronounce. The tools to remind you of your place — that you are uneducated — are satire. Mocking. Condescending. Smug. Disdain. Or just dismissal.” It’s from the Chris Arnade tweetstorm that I link. The marks are in my draft, but disappeared along the way somehow. I’ve emailed USA Today to get it fixed.