January 5, 2017


Four people were taken into custody Wednesday in Chicago after a Facebook Live video appeared to show a young man being tied up, assaulted, and threatened as assailants yelled obscenities about Donald Trump.

In the video posted online Tuesday, a young white man is seen restrained, his mouth covered with duct tape as he sits on the ground. A young black man holding a knife cuts his clothing as well as his scalp.

“Fuck Donald Trump, fuck white people,” the man says.

The four people taken into custody are expected to be charged, Chicago police said at a news conference. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the treatment of the young man, who he described as having “mental health challenges,” was disturbing.

Johnson said police were investigating if the incident was a hate crime, but so far he said there was no indication it was motivated by politics or race.

If the races were reversed, there would be near-unanimous media efforts to blame Trump, and they wouldn’t be waiting until all the facts were in to do it.

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