January 4, 2017

A REAL “UP YOURS” TO TRUMP: Obama taps Harvard for new “War on Men” Czar.

College men, meet Mia Karvonides, your new worst nightmare.

Currently she’s the head of the “Title IX and Gender Equity” office at Harvard University, charged with ensuring there is no safe space for men anywhere at Harvard.

For example, recently Ms. Karvonides helped persecute the members of the men’s soccer team for their “thought crime” of (privately, in a document circulated only amongst themselves) evaluating members of the women’s soccer team based on their sex appeal. (For critical takes on the persecution, which included the cancellation of the rest of the men’s soccer season based on events that had occurred years earlier, see Breitbart, Legal Insurrection, College Fix, Daily Caller, Total Frat Move, and Reddit.)

Intent on taking this “War on Men” national, President Obama and his minions have engineered the appointment of Ms. Karvonides, effective Jan. 17, to serve as the federal government’s top official in charge of enforcing Title IX against all colleges and universities, according to a Harvard Crimson story broken about 5 p.m. (Eastern time) today: “Title IX Officer Mia Karvonides to Leave Harvard.”

Under the direction of Ms. Karvonides soon, in the immortal words of David Burge, all college students born with the shame of having a penis — not just those at Harvard — may have new hope of being reeducated not to be a man.

Trump should just fire her and let her fight him in court if she wants. As one of my law professors said about the big case on Presidential removal power, Humphrey’s Executor, the name of the case tells the real story.

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