December 24, 2016


Shot: The electoral college is thwarting our ability to battle global warming.

—Headline, Washington Post opinion column, December 19th.

Chaser: Amazon starts flexing muscle in new space: air cargo.

—Headline, Reuters, yesterday.

If you’re writing for the Washington Post, and you believe that global warming is so severe that the electoral college serves as a hindrance because at least half the American public disagrees with your secular religion, getting the paper’s boss to terminate his giant empire would make a pretty good dent in and of itself in reducing America’s carbon footprint. If you can convince Jeff Bezos to go along, then we’ll talk again about the electoral college. (Pro tip: Convincing him to shut down the Post’s giant air-conditioned server farms would be an excellent first step.)

In the meantime, I still don’t want to hear another goddamn word about Glenn Reynolds’ carbon footprint.

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