December 1, 2016


On ABC’s The View, CNN’s Van Jones Compares Steve Bannon to Someone Who Wants to Castrate Men.

Meanwhile, CBS’s Stephen Colbert to Mitt Romney: Bet Those Frog’s Legs ‘Taste Like Trump’s Balls.’

And Bette Midler resorts to cheap Asian stereotypes, tweeting, “Trump sucks up to Mitch McConnell by hiring The Turtle’s wife, Elaine Chao, to Dept of Trans. To give her her due, she CAN drive a car.”

(Wait ’til Midler discovers that Hillary hasn’t driven a car in 20 years.)

As Kurt Schlichter writes, “Trollmaster Trump Is Driving Liberals to New Heights of Fussy Fury” — not to mention new lows of crudeness.

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