November 30, 2016

LIKE THE FICTIONAL WAVE OF SUPER-BOWL-BASED WIFE BEATING, THIS IS MOSTLY ABOUT LEFTY FUNDRAISING: Are There Really More Hate Crimes At Schools Following Donald Trump’s Election? “In fact, it’s much easier to find examples of violence against students who have openly backed Trump; there are more than a few stories of kids being pummeled for disagreeing with the losing side (detailed below.) We did see anti-Trump protests by college and high school students around the country turn violent in cities such as Portland, Ore., as agitators joined the groups. Who didn’t hear angry students clearly shouting ‘F*#% Trump’ in news footage from post-election rallies? . . . After reading through myriad stories since Election Day, what’s clear is that the widely reported episodes of violence and intimidation are usually vague, involve roaming gangs of indistinguishable white males, and produce no witnesses. Often the police aren’t even called, but when they are, the stories tend to fall apart.”

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