November 29, 2016

HE MAY BE RIGHT, BUT THEY ALWAYS SAY THIS AFTER A BIG REPUBLICAN ELECTORAL VICTORY: How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red.’ “The first factor was public support: How important do citizens think it is for their country to remain democratic? The second was public openness to nondemocratic forms of government, such as military rule. And the third factor was whether ‘antisystem parties and movements’ — political parties and other major players whose core message is that the current system is illegitimate — were gaining support.”

Here’s another warning sign: Having the worst political class in your nation’s history. If you don’t want the message that your current system is illegitimate to resonate, don’t let your current system act in ways that undermine its legitimacy.

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But hey, at least all this is good publicity for my paper on military coups!

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