November 21, 2016

CHANGE MORE OF THE SAME: Democrats Should Dump Pelosi, Abandon Ellison for DNC.

Few have stepped up to question why the party would elevate Ellison, who has a past connection to Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and famously compared the 9/11 attacks to the Reichstag Fire. Though Ellison, an African-American who is the first Muslim to serve in Congress, later walked back his involvement with the Nation of Islam by agreeing the group was anti-Semitic, he would be an easy target for a party that can no longer win the heartland. Breitbart, no shock, has labeled Ellison a “radical leftist.”

While enough nervous members of Pelosi’s caucus pushed to delay leadership elections until after Thanksgiving — a sign of younger members’ concern over re-electing the woman they hoped would relinquish her post — it doesn’t appear that a challenge by Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio can prevail. The former speaker, and first female to hold the title, insists she still enjoys support from two-thirds of her colleagues.

Meanwhile, David Brock is forming a network of big donors to attack Trump throughout his term. This is hard-core denial. After watching the GOP reach its peak power since the 1920s, introspection and accountability seem to be in order, but Democrats are struggling to muster the requisite dose.

Ellison’s elevation indicates that the Democrats have “learned nothing and forgotten nothing” from the last few election cycles. And Pelosi’s leadership has been an absolute disaster for Congressional Democrats.

This is the almost-inevitable result of the Democrats having their elected officeholders whittled down to the party’s radical “Progressive” core.

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