November 18, 2016

PERSONNEL IS POLICY: Jeff Sessions Said to Be Trump’s Pick for Attorney General.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Trump has formally offered the job to Sessions, a lawyer who was an early and ardent Trump backer, but the people familiar said Trump wants Sessions in the role.

A Trump aide on Thursday night called Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a one-time Trump rival who was under serious consideration for the role, to tell him the job was instead going to Sessions, one of the people familiar said. The people asked not to be named because the decision has not yet been made public.

Earlier Thursday, Trump telegraphed his decision by praising Sessions’ work as Alabama Attorney General after meeting with Sessions, who also had been under consideration for defense secretary.

Cruz’s talents would be wasted as A.G. Put him up for the Supreme Court instead, and then get ready for the biggest nomination circus since Clarence Thomas.

The GOP Senate might even consider taking Harry Reid’s advice, and using the “nuclear option” to approve their nominees by a bare majority.

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